The True Story Of X Versus Y


The instructor was someone who had built a career coaching commercial actors and executives from large corporations how to negotiate conflict through managing expectations, facing fears, and maintaining a sense of humor. They’d gone through all this in the relationship. She was an actor/writer and he was just a writer.

“I really got a kick out of seeing you guys be astronauts…”

See Movies, Get Hamburgers


Chas stared at the letter as if trying to parse a foreign language. Probation? Kate? He guessed probation wasn’t something someone would mention to a co-worker, but… he thought this was something she might have mentioned in light of all the revelations he made about himself, during the lunches. Chas tried to understand why his admissions to a failed marriage and tax problems didn’t inspire some pang of quid pro quo within Kate, some exchange of personal secrets.

Chas was trying to figure everything out when he was startled by the sound of a key in the front door. He froze before he could place the letter back…

Hey Fung Wah. It’s Me, Adrian


It’s been over 9 months since I last rode you from Chinatown to Boston for $30 roundtrip. I miss you. I’ve been thinking about all the fun times we had together. Remember how my pants used to get stuck to your seats? Or how you’d say you had WiFi, even though we both knew you didn’t? Funny the things you miss…



It was the second day of an eight-day trip to Europe when Linda asked me for a divorce. Actually, she never used the term divorce. She simply said, “I think we should break up.” My reply was, “We can’t break up. We’re married…”