What Is Love?

Raise your glasses! God, don’t the bride and groom look beautiful?

Love. You want to know what love is?

Well it’s different for everybody you pieces of shit, so stop looking for some simplistic yet deep way to sum up two people and how they feel about each other.

Why the fuck would you think there is a way to put that into words? What do you think? Huh? Love is just flowers and romance? Do you think that it stays like that forever? So perfect and true? Stop living in a movie you star struck fairy tail loving dip-shits.

People change and love needs to grow with that. Lets say you love the way your significant other laughs. Oh it’s so loud and you can pick it out in a crowd, that’s how in tune you are. Plus you love how they laugh, it’s so them. But what if they laugh in church? I mean, that could be viewed as inappropriate. What if they laugh at a serious movie you are really trying to enjoy? Or at you? Or what if they laugh during the funeral of someone you really care about? Now what do you think about their laugh? You still love it then? Sure. Maybe, but you could have some doubts. Ah, so maybe more realistically you love most things about the person. And sometimes it’s all about context and maybe they could of just had a bad day. Does that sound like love? So fine, love can sometimes be challenging and is different for everyone…right?

Someone might say, “I love that I can take a shit in front of you.” Or, “I love the way your pillow smells after you leave.” Is this creepy or is this someone’s longing for and true acceptance of another? Do you have to love everything about a person? Do you have to love how they lean a little bit before they fart? Do you have to love chocolate as much as they do or bacon as much as they do? Because bacon can break up a happy home, my friends. Bacon is powerful! What if you have to choose between bacon and your love, of course you would choose love but would that wear on you? Maybe you’re having a fight and you walk by a happy couple eating bacon together and you lose it! “Ahhhh!” you say, “I want to eat bacon and be in love!” You can fight and still be in love! That is true, but sometimes the fights aren’t about the bacon or the bills or whatever the fuck.

Oh, so love is about sacrifice. You listening motherfuckers you. If you ever see someone who has love and has kept it up for years you should shake their fucking hand and congratulate them. They have achieved something half the world can’t fucking achieve. No, don’t ask them how they did it. Haven’t you learned anything, you potential for making a difference in someones life?

What worked for them might not work for you. They could say something that could derail your love life, something like never go to bed angry. That might have worked for those sleep deprived assholes. But maybe some rest could give you clarity about your moronic needy ways.

Love is an achievement, it is rare. It should be celebrated and strived for. But don’t get lost in it because you might forget who you are or hate who you’ve become. It’s as dangerous as it is beautiful, and if you are not true to it…well lets just say fucked up shit will ensue.

So here’s to love, you dumb bastards. Love. It’s the smartest thing you can do. Not to mention the hardest, most rewarding, most painful, and honest way to live.


Author: Pete LePage